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  • Mohamed Derbel - Reforms and Economic Recovery against a backdrop of tensions: When an Economic & Social Council will be established?

Mohamed Derbel - Reforms and Economic Recovery against a backdrop of tensions: When an Economic & Social Council will be established?

09 October 2020

Overwhelmed by Tax  texts, inundated by their new obligations, lost in their shifting and unstable applications, fearful of their abusive interpretations, burdened by the costs of unexpected compliance ...!

A general discomfort reigns in the entrepreneurial sphere, denigrated sectorial frustrations, requests for help which resonate like cries in the desert, companies which fall like dominoes …a problem that has been around for years!.

The pretense of positive change is killing us without realizing it, the most obvious solutions to our economic problems are taboos, getting to the obvious is not on the agenda..

The act of improving is noble! who could deny it? but the derogation makes it lose its expectations and turns positive expectations into aggravating problems.

The great tax reform proposed, discussed, debated, visited and revisited will remain the much desired hope that could not be initiated as an autonomous project like the suffering investment law …  but a source of inspiration for measures that are injected into us at least once a year under various catchy headlines: "Improvement of the business climate, fight against fraud, improvement of the competitiveness of companies, fight against the informal economy…." and many other titles that sound like twisted slogans in a noisy protest.

Should we say "STOP" to this wave which is suffocating us with its swell or should we ride the wave at the risk of failing where it will take us?

Should we consider the successive crises that we have been living for several months as an opportunity to rethink our approach to economic recovery or to continue to act as a firefighter on fronts where the fire of antagonistic interests will never be extinguished?

Should we accept our economic reality as an intractable fact for political reasons and social constraints or else accept this economic reality with warlike courage for intelligent and progressive change?

The absence of a national space for responsible intellectual dialogues, in the face of the abundance of public and private skills and the strained flow of innovative ideas is revolting.

An excellent work is being carried out by the Finance Committee at the risk of its distortion by inappropriate additions in plenary, or by disappointing deletions in response to partisan negotiations and blind populism.

Economic solutions, in our current political context, will be difficult to find if we do not entrust this heavy task to a neutral national body where only national interests prevail and where the parties will only be a force of proposal regardless of their parliamentary weight.

Ambitions, visions, strategies and programs are the rules of any change and we cannot deviate from them.

A constitutional approach adopted since 1959 by article 58 of the constitution of June 1, 1959 but abandoned without alternative by its successor in 2014.

Let's rethink the “Where” and the “How” of our approach to dealing with economic, fiscal, financial and social issues and study whether the establishment of a national economic & social council under version V2.0 could be the turning point in a real economic recovery with multiple catalysts.