• BDO presents the 10 trends that will shape the Tech sector in 2019

BDO presents the 10 trends that will shape the Tech sector in 2019

27 March 2019

Original content provided by BDO.

According to a recent BDO Global report, technology companies have been the focus of attention at the national and global levels.

Whether it is a growing number of regulations or data privacy protections in response to a thorough review, the sector faces several critical issues.

The key question for technology companies is how they can evolve in a sustainable way without compromising their goals or ambitions. The industry's reaction will dictate the future of these companies in the years to come.

BDO's "10 Forecast for 2019" includes trends that will likely shape the technology in 2019 and beyond:

1) 5G becomes the new standard

2) GDPR triggers a wave of new data privacy regulations

3) The regulation of American technicians increases

4) Blockchain becomes basic (or almost)

5) Digital transformation transcends IT

6) AI fights AI in the virtual world

7) Technology companies work to bridge the talent gap

8) China's worries are rising sharply

9) Social good becomes (a bigger) element of the business equation

10) The "coopetition" becomes a must

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